A note about the Acecast playlists.

Just a short blurb on my set-lists. I try to make the shows around 30-35 minutes so the whole show can be listened to on a typical commute.

All tracks played are free and legal downloads available at the time of the recording of the podcast. So you can sleep tight after downloading them, without having to fear “Auntie RIAA” knocking on your door. All tunes are in the MP3 format.

I play anything in any genre as long as I like it. At least one Scandinavian track is featured on each podcast; preferably Norwegian, and I use the term “Scandinavian” the way the English use it — ie I include Finland and Iceland. This is good for two reasons: there is an abundance of good music coming from Northern shores and I like to Support the local punks (as we said in the ’70s).

I avoid sites requiring registration (they might be mentioned as resources though). I also try to give credit if I know where I first found a track; although most of the time the music I play is found through my own “research”.

There will be the odd exception to the rules; I might point you to a registration site or I might play tracks not available on the internet (but where I have direct permission from the artists, Snowsuit will appear on a show soon).

All copyright to the music played belong to the artists and their record labels/publishing companies. I thank them for providing tracks for free — not all downloading is illegal.

And if you think this is all about free music — have a look at my updated list of CDs bought under my “fair podcasting” scheme (for every month I do a podcast I will buy a CD from one of the acts played).

Thu, 05 May 2005