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Updated list of CDs bought under the “Fair podcasting” scheme.

Latest karma CD is for March 2006.

“Fair podcasting” is me giving something back to the artists providing free music. I believe free and legal MP3s are a great marketing tool for new acts (Penny Broadhurst has clocked up over 3000 downloads of a poetry track), they are better than streams (since we can listen to new stuff on the move on our shiny MP3-players) and they give the consumer no legality headaches. Plus there is no DRM.

So what do I give apart from my time and a mention here (and also on the more popular halvorsen)?

Money. I purchase a CD for every month I do a podcast. Not just any CD, but a CD from one of the acts played on my shows. I can’t buy a CD from every artist played (my funds are limited) and some artists have no intention to provide physical product — they are happy to give away their music for free. So there you have it — the symbiotic relationship showing that a free MP3 track can lead to a purchase of a CD. Fair podcasting. Or as Nick Lowe sings, Music for Money.

List of purchased CDs.

Links point to mention on Halvorsen (where the purchases are mentioned as they happen).

Wed, 26 Apr 2006