Acecast #010. 28 December 2005.

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acecast #010 Dec 2005 Acecast #010 Dec 2005 (MP3, 112Kbps, 28.5MB, 35m:29s).

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Acecast and Marvin Suicide open some MP3s and port for yuletide.

lady sovereign mc
© MC Lady Sovereign,
Master of Yule-Ceremonies.

A midwinter treat this time from Marvin Suicide and Acecast DJ Hal. I tracked down a list of 30 or so tunes and Marvin cut the list down to Yule-size for the second Acecast hook-up with Maverick-Marvin. What more could you want for a late Christmas gift?

This first Acecast/Marvin Suicide Christmas spectacular contains strong language and fortified wine, burps, noise, electronic music, a new version of an old new-romantic track, folk and grime.

No stuffing, just a fine list of alternative crimbo-songs.

External credits.

T-Polar found via the hyperactive Gutterbreakz.

Production notes.

No idea what kit Marvin was using for the final mix; but my voice parts were recorded on my trusty MXL V67 condenser microphone via a Behringer UB802 mixer.


All tracks played are free and legal downloads and were available at the time of production of the podcast. All tracks are copyright the artists and their record labels/music publishers.

Extended tracklisting for Acecast #010, 28 December 2005.

Brief playlist for Acecast #010.

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Initial post: Wed, 28 Dec 2005.

Thu, 29 Dec 2005

Playlist Acecast #010. The second Acecast/Marvin Suicide Spectacular.

diana darby
© Diana Darby
Nashville based singer-songwriter.

The show also known as Marvin Suicide Show 48. A Christmas Spectacular December 2005.

  • Intermission — T-Polar
  • Abelmelan — T-Polar
  • Ferry — Diana Darby
  • 14 Zero Zero — Console
  • Hats Off 2 The Hatters — Jansky Noise
  • Fade To Grey — Teliaroboten
  • Blah Blah Blah (Cadence Weapon Remix) — Lady Sovereign
  • The Beamer — Spacer
  • Amen! A Neat Joint Anal Phase — Speedranch Jansky Noise

Full details and MP3 download for the second Acecast/Marvin Suicide spectacular (Acecast #010).

Initial post, Wed 28 Dec 2005.

Wed, 28 Dec 2005

The Fat Planet MP3 blog.

Just discovered the Fat Planet MP3 blog this minute, another MP3 blog tracking free and legal MP3s. A quick glance reveals that it might be worthwile firing up FlashGot at irregular intervals on this site.

Fat Planet lists The Grates (my fair podcasting CD choice for June 2005), Jose Gonzalez (my CD for October 2005) and the brilliant Melodium (not yet played on Acecast, but in the everlong backlog of stuff to be podcasted).

No points to Fat Planet for bigging up Albert Kuvezin’s awful version of Love Will Tear Us Apart though. If the song was that precious to Albert he should have left it alone and so should Jose Gonzalez.

Fri, 23 Dec 2005

Acecast #009. 30 November 2005.

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acecast #009 Nov 2005 Acecast #009 Nov 2005 (MP3, 112Kbps, 20.6MB, 25m:49s). You can download the MP3 file by clicking the podcast icon or link above. You can also use a podcasting application to subscribe to the Acecast RSS-feed. To subscribe to Acecast podcasts in iTunes (4.9 or later) use “Advanced/Subscribe to Podcast” and enter in the pop-up window.

Acecast goes a bit dreamy.

elizabeth fraser cocteau twins
Elizabeth Fraser
© Cocteau Twins.

Apologies for the lateness of these notes, but the combination of no broadband and changing jobs has kept me busy elsewhere.

This show contains strong language, nu-soul, electronica, noisy electronic music, two dreampop tracks, an old “reefer” tune, punk-blues, acoustic and a bit of phonography.

On the playlist an underrated nu-soul track from Sa-Ra (literally: Second Time Around is currently rated 2 of 5 — it’s 5 stars in my book), some fiery rock by The Hells (just found out that the late John Peel played this Hells track in 2003) and plasmatic electronica (Ecoplan). Noise merchant Steve Touchton (aka Snowsuit) comes around to Acecast for the second time courtesy of Warbler.

I’ve written earlier that I am no big fan of dreampop; categories aside - I am very pleased with the dreampop sequence on show nine. New band Phillip Eno (drum sound from the Martin Hannet school of production) gleaming and teaming nicely with the Cocteau Twins.

At the tail end of the show I play a 1927 blues recording you might recognise. I finish the show with a track from Jose Gonzalez (from his Veneer album, my fair podcasting CD for October 2005).

The background sounds on the show is a field recording by Planktone.

External credits.

Ecoplan found via the strong-going Marvin Suicide, Sa-Ra picked up by a Woebot recommendation and Jose Gonzalez via 3hive.

Production notes.

Kit: MXL V67 condenser microphone, Behringer UB802 mixer, Hercules DJ Console sound card. Applications: Audacity, iTunes, MP3Gain, MP3tag.

All tracks played are free and legal downloads. All tracks are copyright the artists and their record labels/music publishers.

Extended tracklisting for Acecast #009, 30 November 2005.

Brief playlist for Acecast #009.

Previous Acecast podcasts.

Initial post: Wed, 30 Nov 2005.

Thu, 22 Dec 2005

Erik Markus on “podjacking”.

If someone is stealing your enclosures and using them to promote their own site in an RSS-feed it’s called “podjacking”. Eric Markus has written an article on “podjacking” worth reading.

I have no problems with podcast directories linking and pointing directly to MP3 files; but if someone were to hijack my shows I would react. Note to hijackers — I mention the Acecast name a couple of times on my shows, so you would have a hard time pretending it’s your show. Another reason to speak on your podcasts, rather then just do a mix.

Here’s a snip from the beginning of Erik’s article,

My first shows got barely a hundred listeners. But by last month, my audience was approaching 1500 people. Those may not be huge numbers, but I was proud of the relatively rapid growth in my audience. It came from a lot of hard work.

Then, out of the blue a few weeks ago, my audience collapsed overnight - it dropped by some 75 percent. My podcast had been “podjacked”.

If you’re involved in podcasting, you need to know about podjacking. This article will tell you what podjacking is, how to avoid becoming a victim, and how to take action if it happens to you.

Erik later states that,

As a podcaster, the URL you create for your RSS feed becomes the doorway through which your entire listenership arrives. Every single one of your listeners will come in through this doorway.

This is not entirely true for Acecast. I get around 10-15% of my downloads through the latest full mp3 podcast (mp3) link on the sidemenu (that link is not in my RSS feed). Give your listeners a chance to download your latest show directly from a prominent place on your website if you are a podcaster.

Thu, 22 Dec 2005