’s “Best of 2004” free MP3 tracks.
© has a huge selection of pointers to legal MP3s, and their staff have chosen their picks for 2004. I will go through the tracks to see if I find anything I like for a later podcast (even if one guy mentions Queen; open ears, open ears).

Download breaks the genre-puzzle into real fine pieces, so there are 28 genres just in “Metal”, some of them with several sub-genres (“Metal/Stoner Metal/Symphonic Black Metal” anyone?). A good resource, but no prelisten.

Thu, 13 Jan 2005

Comfort Stand Recordings — provides free music only (MP3s with artwork).

comfortstand recordings free mp3s

Comfort Stand Recordings is a community-driven label where all releases are free with artwork and liner notes. We strive to bring you recordings that we find interesting, compelling and downright enjoyable.

Thu, 06 Jan 2005

Static layout of (detailed sitemap).

This is not only useful, but both the the html and css is valid. It’s a complete site map for Acecast. Useful as a reference for viewing how the site is built up internally.

Thu, 06 Jan 2005