Acecast is hosted by Dreamhost (“advert”).

The Acecast site is hosted by Dreamhost because:

  • I found a recommendation through a fellow Blosxom user.
  • I get ssh access: critical for my own Blosxom, rsync and shell hacking.
  • A solid amount (120 GB/month) of bandwidth and diskspace (2.4 GB) is needed for podcasting.
  • The price is low — $8/month (this is a private podcasting experiment).
  • I can host three domains for that price if I want to.

Three minor issues so far:

  • the control panel is not as slick as others
  • standard output from Analog is all you get in terms of web server logs
  • the account is not chroot’ed. That might be an issue if you are slightly paranoid.

The two major problems I’ve faced so far (performance and disk space) have been resolved.

If you do follow the Dreamhost link and sign up, I will get a referral fee. Bear in mind I have only been with Dreamhost since late 2004, and check what other people has to say about them.

Initial post: Tue, 08 Feb 2005.

Thu, 17 Mar 2005