Betterpropaganda can do better.

better propaganda mp3 site

I struggle a bit with betterPropaganda. There is no hint of the quality of the MP3s (bitrate) are before you start the download and I can’t get the site to work with Firefox (the .asp file extension is the giveaway). But worst of all: around half of the time I hit the “Free MP3” button there is no free MP3. Usability score zero for this annoyance:

Sorry, but this song is stream only. You can click the ‘Listen’ button to hear the song, but you can’t save the file on your computer.

Expect to find artists like Low, DJ Dangermouse, Quincy Jones, loads of unknown bands and speeches by Noam Chomsky. The focus is on rock, electronic and hip-hop.

A site with a decent concept, but lots of room for improvement on the usability side (shame).

Fri, 04 Feb 2005