Acecast podcast number 5. 12 July 2005.

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acecast podcast #005 July 2005 Acecast podcast number five (MP3, 112Kbps, 24.9MB, 30m:57s). You can download the MP3 file by clicking the podcast icon or link above. You can also use a podcasting application to subscribe to the Acecast RSS-feed, and it is now possible to subscribe to Acecast podcasts in iTunes 4.9 by using “Advanced/Subscribe to Podcast” and entering in the pop-up window.

Five is for fine SXSW-festival music.

These are the results of the Norwegian jury … Well, sort of anyway. These are the results of listening to every single one of the 750+ South by Southwest 2005 showcase MP3s (free and legal MP3s as always here on Acecast). Around 40 tunes were found good enough to podcast, but in the end, I had to choose ten. Some of the missing tunes will probably be used in later podcasts. All my recommended tracks from the 2005 SXSW showcase will soon be listed with download links in a separate posting.

I open this podcast with the rockin’ swagger and raspy vocals of the Heartless Bastards. I also play The Bones from Sweden (the Scandinavian choice) — one of the better glam-punk bands in the showcase (The Boys ca 1978).

There is place for a couple of really good synth-pop tracks from Cubiky and Aero Wave (who sounds a bit like Martha and the Muffins).

I play a tune from the latest “fair podcasting” CD by The Grates, 50 seconds of flat out hardcore from Some Girls, and some fine English lounge-rock from the Nightingales.

Female atmospherics is provided by Liz Durrett and Tywanna Jo Baskette. I finish with an acoustic track from Keren Ann.

Normal service will resume with the next show.

Production notes.

Kit: MXL V67 condenser microphone, Behringer UB802 mixer, Hercules DJ Console sound card. Applications: Audacity, iTunes, MP3Gain, MP3tag.

All tracks played are free and legal downloads. All tracks are copyright the artists and their record labels/music publishers.

Extended tracklisting for Acecast number 5, 12 July 2005.

All tracks and links below point to the 2005 SXSW-festival artist showcase.

Brief playlist for the fifth podcast.

Initial post: Tue, 12 Jul 2005.

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