Acecast podcast number 4. 4 June 2005.

Download podcast MP3 file.

acecast podcast #004 June 2005 Acecast podcast number four (MP3, 128Kbps, 14.7MB, 16m:05s) (you can download the MP3 file using the podcast icon/link if you are not using a podcasting application).

Four is for sinister electronic music.

This is a show I have wanted to do for some time. After Acecast’s new signature tune and a short intro comes a 15 minute long mix of five dark electronic tracks. All tracks from Northern Europe: England, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Norway. A mix of well-known (and previously played) acts like Delia Derbyshire and Biosphere, and some lesser known (unless you are heavily into industrial music) artists as Lomov, Haare and TeKstomp. The tracks are mixed and cut some more than on a normal Acecast production (the show could probably have been double length if I played the complete tracks), but I think it works quite well.

The show is also the first Acecast to feature the Acecast signature tune, Wildspot by Belbury Poly (on the fine Ghostbox label).

Even if you are no big fan of electronic music give it a try with headphones on. Enjoy (?).

The next show will be my SXSW 2005 special, before I resume with a couple of “normal” podcasts.

Production notes.

This will move to its own page soon as the notes are the same from show to show now. Kit: MXL V67 condenser microphone, Behringer UB802 mixer, Hercules DJ Console sound card. Applications: Audacity, iTunes, MP3Gain, MP3tag.

Just the mix.

If you like the show, but would prefer to have the 15 minute mix of music only, you can download the MP3 mix only of Acecast #4. The “no voiceover/no intro” variants will only be available for “mix-shows” like this.

All tracks played are free and legal downloads. All tracks are copyright the artists and their record labels/music publishers. All tracks on this show are excerpts.

Extended tracklisting for Acecast number 4, 4 June 2005.

Brief playlist for the fourth podcast.

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