Acecast #014. 26 June 2006.

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acecast #014 jun 2006 Acecast #014 Jun 2006 (MP3, 128Kbps, 32.8MB, 35m:44s).

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The second SXSW 2006 Special.

jenny owen youngs
Jenny Owen Youngs
©Meghann Lyding

The tracklisting has been ready for a couple of months now, so apologies for being late to market. I blame changing jobs and the World Cup (in soccer). As the previous show these tracks are taken from what I’ve rated top of my “Top 90” of the 941 free tracks from the SXSW 2006 Music Festival.

The show contains electronica from Ladytron, folktronica from Tungg and some female lead rock’n’roll joy from Comanechi and Juliette & the Licks. There’s some quirky stuff from Xiu Xiu (do they sample Billy Mackenzie?) and Jenny Owen Youngs makes sure this podcast is rated expletive. I play some soul-blues from Black Joe Lewis and Canadian talent Cadence Weapon makes a return to Acecast. Cadence seems to have lost his domain name, and can now be found at Cadence Weapon music.

I finish the set with a Norwegian double — new band Serena Maneesh (or is that Serena-Maneesh? Even the band themselves seems confused). While going through the tracks I thought Serena Maneesh were English; it’s only over the last couple of weeks I’ve woken up to the fact that they are from the old country. No such mistake with Thomas Dybdahl though. He was also part of Norwegian supergroup The National Bank (with members from Jaga Jazzist and Bigbang) and I finish this podcast with A Lovestory from Thomas. Enjoy.

External credits.

Only one external credit this time, the 2006 South by Southwest festival site. All tracks on Acecast 14 are taken from the SXSW showcasing artists providing free legal MP3s.

Production notes.

Kit: MXL V67 condenser microphone, Behringer UB802 mixer, Hercules DJ Console sound card. Applications: Audacity, iTunes, MP3Gain, MP3tag.


All tracks played are free and legal downloads and were available at the time of production of the podcast. All tracks are copyright the artists and their record labels/music publishers.

Extended tracklisting for Acecast #014, 26 June 2006.

All artist links point to their 2006 SXSW showcase page, which have short biographies and links to their homepages.

Brief playlist for Acecast #014.

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Wed, 28 Jun 2006

Playlist Acecast #014. Produced 26 June 2006.

the band comanechi
© Comanechi/Heike Schneider-Matzigkeit

  • Destroy Everything You Touch — Ladytron
  • You’re Speaking My Language — Juliette and the Licks
  • Tale From Black — Tungg
  • Fuck Was I — Jenny Owen Youngs
  • You Don’t Love — Black Joe Lewis
  • Black Hand — Cadence Weapon
  • Naked — Comanechi
  • Muppet Face — Xiu Xiu
  • Un Deux — Serena Maneesh
  • A Lovestory — Thomas Dybdahl

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